our morning at brewnuts

You guys. This past Sunday was National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day and of course Mitch and I participated! If you did not already know, I absolutely love ice cream and can really eat it at any time. There’s no limit on ice cream consumption. Also, if I am traveling, I love to try out local ice cream shops. So fun! There’s only a couple of ice cream shops in Cleveland that we have yet to try.

I have been craving donuts for a couple months now, so I was thrilled to see that Brewnuts was having a collaboration with Mason’s Creamery to make donut ice cream sandwiches. When I say thrilled, I mean incredibly thrilled. Thrilled as in text-Mitch-in-all-caps about-how-excited-I-am-about-this-and-how-we-have-to-go.

 I love the people in the front window looking confused at me. Ha!
I love the people in the front window looking confused at me. Ha!

Since I love to be on time, we arrived at 10 and thankfully beat a huge line that filed in after us; the place was packed! We decided to each get an extra donut to try as well to sample some of their standards (double the donuts, double the fun!). I love bacon so naturally I went with maple bacon and Mitch picked peanut butter Oreo.

An ice cream station was set up in the back of the shop where the sandwiches were put together on the spot! There were two different types of ice cream, frosting, and toppings which were all delightful. I chatted cheerfully while patiently waiting for our treats.

 Love at first sight!
Love at first sight!

Everything was great. The donuts. The ice cream. The sprinkles. We are certainly going back at some point! If you are in the Cleveland area, go check them out!

I mean, how could you not want to check them out when I look so excited? Thanks again Brewnuts for a great morning!

first and foremost

Now why start a blog?

I have thought about this too. Why would it be a good idea to start a blog? I am a quiet, soft-spoken person. I mainly keep to myself and observe others and their interactions. There has been a negative voice from the start telling me that what I write will not be important.

So this is me, sharing my vulnerabilities and thoughts. Even if I just touch one person, I would consider the blog a success. And if that person is me, since I am going to grow from this experience, it is still a success!

So if you are still here, thank you for coming along for the ride. You will experience my morning thoughts, successes, failures, and of course the little adventures that are such a huge part of my life.