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Two weeks ago I happened to listen to two different podcasts that touched on positive body images.

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Two weeks ago I happened to listen to two different podcasts that touched on positive body images. Whenever something like this happens, I feel like it is a sign. A little superstitious, I know. This had been on my mind because I have tracked macros for a year to monitor what I eat. Due to my Type A personality, I took a system that is supposed to optimally fuel your body and turned it into a negative experience. I would get really down on myself if I went over on my macros or went out to eat, making the entire experience not very enjoyable. This also transferred over into negative self talk and body image which equals high stress/unhappiness. I was thinking about food all of the time and how my eating style would help fix the things I did not like about myself. This is the farthest thing from being loving towards myself and eating to nourish my body. Listening to Starting the Conversation on Body Imagine from the CHAARG podcast and Dealing with Hormone Imbalances from Exercise from the PaleOMG podcast helped me realize that:

  1. I desperately need a break from tracking my food
  2. I have to work towards a happy body image
  3. I have to find joy in exercising again instead of just using it as a means to eat “more” food
  4. The amount of time I spent hating something small about my body took up too much of my time and energy when I could have been focusing on other things

Taking time to be nice to myself has helped in so so many ways. I can allow myself to appreciate how far I have come on my journey. I can enjoy food again instead of just thinking about how much or when I could eat. I am not having crazy binge episodes. I am sleeping better. I am in a happier mood. I am falling back in love with exercise and celebrating the small victories.

If you feel like you need a break from something, take it. Life is full of seasons and change. Just because you feel like you should be doing something doesn’t mean it is right at this time in your life. Remember to do what is good for you.


5 Replies to “the collection .3 | body positivity”

  1. Indrani says:

    Wis there was no need to control eating food. 🙂
    I crave for more at times but deliberately stop hogging worrying about health.

  2. Jess says:

    This is such an encouraging testimony to read! Truly, from one Type A person to another, I felt as if you were taking the words right out of my mind when it comes to my struggle with difficult changes pertaining to self improvement. <3

  3. sarah camille says:

    Those podcasts sound great! I have to say I have done the food tracking thing and it became a little unhealthy for me because I felt terrible if I was ever (even barely) over my caloric goal. Sometimes I have to remind myself that while we can always make improvements, imperfections are what make us all human.


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