breaking through fear

This past weekend I broke out of my comfort zone and conquered a fear. I want to share my thoughts to encourage you if you are struggling with committing to a new experience.

 breaking through fear

I had recently signed up to take an inversions class alone and in the moment was very excited. I could not wait to learn more about forearm balances and handstands! However, as the date of the clinic crept closer, the more I experienced fear seeping into my thoughts. I knew I was happy to go further my practice and learn but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would be judged in some way. I was fearful that other people in the class would judge me for not being good enough at the poses and that I would be a failure. The realization that my main fear was judgement was freeing.

These feelings root in perfectionism and the feeling of not being “enough”.

Identifying the area of fear allowed for vulnerability to shine through and encouragement to be accepted. I was able to come back to my initial reason for signing up for the clinic, which was to further my practice. I feel stronger for having this experience and breaking through fear.

What type of thoughts are holding you back from signing up for a class or experiencing something new?

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  1. Congratulations on pushing through your fear!One step at a time makes reaching your goal easier.I feel like that a lot when I interact with people I always think that I’m going to be judged so I tend to be very reserved around strangers.

    1. Thank you so much! I completely understand being reserved around strangers, I am that way myself. I tend to observe people and then decide if I can be my true self or if I want to not interact anymore.

  2. Congratulations on breaking free from your fear. I did so in 2013 when I went for Bunjee jumping in South Africa just to break free of my fear of heights. I am still not a huge fan of heights but at least I can tolerate it, lol.

  3. Kudos to you for breaking through your comfort zones. Taking risks and trying new things makes us more stronger like whatever it maybe, there will always be lessons and that lessons makes us more experienced and stronger in life. Keep it up and always go for it.

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