a mini review of lauterbrunnen, switzerland

by | May 14, 2018 | Adventures | 8 comments

Hi hi! I hope you fall in love with Lauterbrunnen as much as I did. The waterfalls and cute restaurants make the city so magical! Not to mention the gorgeous valley walk. I hope that I will be able to walk the entire valley someday! I was only in Lauterbrunnen for an afternoon since I had spent the morning at Grindelwald. It was a Sunday and I did not want to get back to Sion too late since I had to work in the morning! Right when I arrived, this was my view:
Staubbach Falls is just magical being that close to the city! I continued my walk towards the valley with a smile and figured I would happen upon a place to eat before I went exploring for a bit. Of course I found a very cute place that is called Airtime Cafe. They had all sorts of pastries, sandwiches, and coffee! I ordered a sandwich and a slice of nutella coffee cake (which was to die for!) and sat down at a table to hang out for a bit.
One of my most favorite things though, was the quote that was in the bathroom. It was so touching and a nice reminder to live your best life.
I left the cafe and continued on my walk towards the valley, still staring at Staubbach Falls and the cute houses.
The valley path was peaceful. I talked to Mitch on the phone for a bit, but other than that enjoyed the quiet time to myself. I really felt at ease. Being surrounded by nature is so soothing to me and I find that it reminds me to be myself. I passed several waterfalls and cute farms as I continued deeper into the valley.
About a mile into the valley, there was a path to cross over to the other side to see Trummelbach Falls. To visit the falls, you must pay a small fee (I think 4 CHF?). The waterfall carved out a path in the side of the mountain and you can either take an elevator to go part of the way up or follow stairs. I picked the stairs since it seemed like a challenge and would be fun!
Climbing up alongside the waterfall was so neat! I was pretty scared once the path turned into a tunnel but the experience was exhilarating! The falls echoed in the caverns and were so loud. I couldn’t believe how alive I felt standing next to something so powerful. I was the only one in the tunnel at the time so I was trying to soak in the moment and remember the feeling.
After I spent some time wandering around, I walked back down the path to head back to the valley. I was pretty tired from being up early and exploring but my heart felt full. I made my way back to the train station, simply reflecting on the opportunities that life has given me. Thank you for reading about my mini adventure in Lauterbrunnen!